Paddock Lodge was set up specifically with dog owners in mind as, having experienced the difficulties of trying to holiday with multiple dogs, we wished that more pet-friendly places were available in the UK. We couldn’t help but notice that restrictions were frequently imposed if you were holidaying with your dogs eg a strict limit on the number/size of dog, a dog surcharge (eg £20 per dog) and often an additional charge for cleaning up after pet guests.

Here at Paddock Lodge we do not put a limit on the number of dogs you can bring. We do not charge extra and all breeds are very welcome. Our guests love the huge fully enclosed garden (around a third of an acre land with 6 ft solid wood fencing) and the fact that they have countryside walks (and a pub!) on the doorstep. We are proud to say that we have many lovely guests who return year after year, bringing with them their much loved family pets and introducing us to their new additions as well.

Your host Marisa Spurgeon......



Championship Class  Competitor at Obedience Shows

College Lecturer and Course founder on Canine Subjects 

Top Trainer With More Than 45 Years Experience

The Kennel Club Information Officer 

Obedience Show Judge

Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Judge

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